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Chasing Wild Ice

Katrina Rosen
Deep in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I stood at the edge of a delicately frozen lake. Puffy clouds ringed in pink and the tilt of the sunrise began to kiss the surrounding peaks. Laser-like pings, creaks and other worldly sounds emitted from pristine blue ice. The lake itself still moved. Bubbles caught in the thinnest layer of ice danced like a lava lamp near my feet. Open water from kilometers away still brought breath to this alpine bay and the ice heaved with inhales as if the lake merely clung to a thin layer of saran wrap.

Avalanche Safety

A story about the unsatiated self.

Stories of Ice

Adventure, Commerce, and Creativity on Canada’s Glaciers. An Interview with Author Lynn Martel

Artists in the Canadian Rockies

For thousands of years, First Nations People beaded, danced and sang to the beat of nature. Leaving pictographs and petroglyphs; rock art for those to find in the future. It’s only in the last few hundred years, photographers came. In the beginning to record the mountains, create maps, and attempt to bring back and share what ultimately STAYS HERE.

Larch Trees

All about the Golden Larch

Trekking Poles

Tips and Tricks on Hiking Poles


A modern success story in Banff National Park

Why You Need a Guide

Just Sayin'

We will never stop exploring this Big world

Inspiration for your Trip

Mt Assiniboine

Mt Assiniboine Park

Experience wonder

World Heritage Site

Takakkaw Falls

Yoho National Park

Lake Louise

Banff National Park

Wild Flowers

Calypso Orchid

Winter Comforts

Hot chocolate and stary nights

Peyto Lake

Icefields Parkway

Endless Trails

Canadian Rocky Mountains

Moraine Lake

Valley of the ten peaks

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