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Big Nature strives to provide opportunities for guests to connect with themselves and with the surrounding environment by experiencing the best of what The Canadian Rockies has to offer. Our guides are Canadian Rockies experts, and have been sharing their knowledge and passion for this area for over 30 years. We hope to leave guests feeling a sense of awe, wonder, and ownership over their actions in the great outdoors.

Our Adventurers

Bryce Willigar

Owner - Calgary, Alberta

Mountains, Travel and Experiences

I am a homegrown Albertan and never tire of this landscape. I've always wanted to share and work in the outdoor industry. We founded Big Nature with the dream to create incredible opportunities and experiences for our guests to discover the Canadian Rockies.

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When I'm not in the wilderness guiding, I actually look forward to going into the office. I love what I do. Whether it is teaching Albertan history, skiing, hiking with guests or booking future trips, I realize I have it right. If only my dog could come on every trip!  BA Ecotourism and outdoor leadership

Katrina Rosen

Program Director - Canmore, Alberta

There is no where else she'd rather be

I am happiest outside doing anything. Although hiking and biking are high on my fun list, so why not put them together? Hike-a-Bike – The act of taking one’s bike for a walk. It usually confirms I’m on a ridiculously adventurous route if I can’t ride the bike, which probably means, it’s the exact place I want to be.

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If for some crazy reason I’m not playing in the wilderness, then I read travel memoirs or immerse myself in pages of memories while I document past trips. I am an author and a voracious reader able to spend entire days in a coffee shop, tucked in a corner with my journals, maps, books and an unlimited supply of coffee.

Randi Klein

Guide - Calgary, Alberta

Our Geologist Expert

As an Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership graduate, I want to share my passion for outdoor education and interpretation with all age groups. I am experienced and strive to facilitate fun, immersive and safe programs.

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I love exploring new places and sharing my favourites with our guests. I never tire of taking picture of glaciers and wildflowers. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a geology expert, but I love it! I'm known to laugh at my own jokes because somebody has to.

Brett Kolasa

Program Coordinator - Calgary, Alberta

Awesome dude - Addicted to Snow

Guiding gives the opportunity to share my favourite places in the Canadian Rockies with others, while also being able to learn from each and every person on my trip. Every day is different and presents a new challenge, but they all feed my passion for the outdoors and exploring.

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My love of searching for bottomless powder days is what brought me into guiding. I’m addicted to SNOW!!!! It doesn't matter if I’m in my snowshoes, or skis, I love winter in the back-country! I love to share my knowledge, stories, and lessons I have learned in the winter with my group!

My dream trip that I have been eyeing up for a few years now, is the Wapta Traverse.


Do you love to travel?

So, you have a passion for the outdoors, excitement, photography, yoga, experiencing new places and would like to share it with others? Join Big Nature

Our Guide's blog

Bison - A modern success story

It’s new land they navigates, tentatively exploring their surroundings, but as the heavy herd pounds the ground, by deep summer they will uncover more history buried beneath their hooves. For it wasn’t too long ago when their ancestors traversed what we now call Banff National Park.

Why Hire A Guide

Let’s face it. Do you devote all your free time to being out cell service, on remote trails in crazy mountain weather? Our guides do. And they know how to make it a much safer experience. Let us Drive - You Discover.

Trekking poles

At Big Nature, not all the guides are as obsessed with poles as I am, and not all the guest that arrive are either. But the option is there. And we rely on your individuality. We welcome your own decisions. (Just don’t change your mind halfway through the day and take my poles.laughing)

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