Mountain Wellness

Discover nature, explore the wild. Find you

Winter Wellness week was intentionally designed for guests to deeply connect to their most purposeful self, others and the planet. Through active participation in mountain experiences, while practising wellness, people will feel compelled and inspired to ignite their gifts and accelerate success in any facet of life.

This program is a week long, combining the thrill of activities and moving your body with guided yoga and meditation. It is all inclusive with healthy, delicious food, Cross-Country Skiing, Dog Sledding, Snowshoeing, Fat Biking along with daily Yoga practises, a guided mediation in the Grand Gallery while Caving, and an afternoon at the Spa.

Gaze at glorious vistas, and learn things that you never thought possible. This is living life BIG and will have you dreaming of the Canadian Rockies for years to come.

A Place to Connect

Adventure is an experience, an exploration and a discovery - often unusual, risky, thrilling, unexpected, exciting and maybe even Stirring. This emotional commotion facilitates an opportunity for us to NAVIGATE towards our highest POTENTIAL and ideal lives.

Every piece of our life’s puzzle can be thought of as it’s own adventure.

  • Dog Sledding

  • Fat Biking

  • Cross Country Skiing

  • Spa and Massage

  • Yoga

  • Snow Shoeing

  • Caving

  • Gondola

  • Ice Walking

  • Skating

  • Meditation

  • Delicious Food

Daily Itinerary

Day 1, Sunday – Pomeroy

You will be met by your guides at YYC Calgary International at 1:00 pm. Enjoy a lovely drive getting to know your guide as you're introduced to the area. We will perhaps take a little walk before arriving at Pomeroy Lodge, our incredible home for three nights.

Pomeroy Lodge is surrounded by snowy peaks, bighorn sheep, moose and if were lucky, bears! (but they may still be sleeping) Imagine yoga while enjoying this scene out of huge windows. Take a moment to relax and welcome yourself to the week before enjoying a luxurious dinner with your new friends and guides. 

Day 2, Monday – Pomeroy

Wake up to only the sounds of nature. Fill a Coffee or tea and stretch out those weary travel muscles with our master teacher. After a warm breakfast, we will dress for a day of Cross Country Skiing!

Never XC skied before? No problem! Our Big Nature guides are experts at teaching the first timers as well as getting those that crave more out on a longer adventure. We realize everyone has different abilities and wishes and we do our best to accommodate.

Afternoon Snowshoe is an option activity to experience deep snow to a large suspension bridge. I dare you to catch your breath at this breathtaking vista!

Yoga with our expert facilitator before another luxurious dinner. It was only day 2, but you already feel very loved.


Day 3, Tuesday – Pomeroy

Today we are Fat Biking! Trust us! This is the best thing ever! Again, your Guides will accommodate different abilities from flat groomed trails to wild, snowy singe track.

Now, that you are sufficiently worked-out, relax the rest of the day in the world class Nordic spa. Your body and mind will never feel as good after a massage, sauna's, hot and cold pools, and cozy hammocks.

After all that soaking, it's an option to have dinner delivered to your room. If more company is what you crave though, we still have a table booked in the restaurant.

Day 4, Wednesday – Castle Mountain Lodge

Let's go Dog Sledding!!! Well loved huskies will take us on an exhilarating ride with fantastic views of the Spray Valley. This trail rides along the frozen lake then into the trees to navigate around Mt Nestor. We will take a break to cuddle the dogs in a back country campsite with also a fire and lunch. Along the way you will have the opportunity to drive your sled with the assistance of a qualified guide.

After we pet our dogs goodbye, lets jump in the van with more hot chocolate and make our way deeper into the Rockies. Castle Mountain Chalets are cozy and a warm fire and catered dinner will welcome us.


Day 5, Thursday – Castle Mountain Lodge

We are confident that your body is already feeling amazing, but let's learn more with our wonderful teacher during a morning yoga session.

Let's go Caving! Crawl into the depths of Grotto Mountain and explore dark passages, stalagmites and a guided meditation in the Grand Gallery. This is an experience you will remember forever.

Now that we have been inside a mountain, let's get to the top of one! We'll be taking a Gondola to Sulphur Mountain peak where we will have the most incredible vista while enjoying dinner. 

How Luxurious! I don't want it to end!

Day 6, Friday – Banff

Today we are ready for to discover a real winter wonderland. After breakfast, we will head to a canyon, strap on our ice grippers and seek out frozen waterfalls. This gentle hike will get us invigorated for a main event.

Lake Louise, Canada's most beautiful lake and glacier. Maybe we can ice skate? But certainly we will enjoy a fancy historic high-tea while staring out at this iconic landscape.

We will be staying in a hotel in Banff, along main street. There will be time for any shopping and personal needs you must attend to. (Like the hot-springs!) 

It is our final dinner and let us celebrate a successful and life-changing week.

Day 7, Saturday – Home Time

Schedule your flight for after 12pm from Calgary International airport and our guides will drive you there. Or, even better, Don't go. Just stay for a little while longer...

Daily Itinerary
Wellness Within

When we're together with strong, incredible humans in the wilderness, we feel eachother’s strength and gain clarity. This is a 100% judgment free zone. When we let go of competition and comparing ourselves, we breathe deeply with mother nature and embrace our wellness.

Wellness comes in many dimensions and to help guide us through our week is Jess LeBlanc, a Connection Catalyst, yoga teacher, and innovator.

"The mountains are good for the mind, body and soul"

Queen Elizabeth         

Regardless of where you are in your life’s journey, Jess and Big Nature believe the only thing that really changes for humans are details. We all have similar fundamental needs: physical/mental health, protection, affection, participation, understanding, belonging, identity, freedom and creation. These needs are defined in categories of BEING, HAVING, DOING and INTERACTING. Mountain Wellness provides experiences that incorporate all of these things in ways that will excite and unite your mind, body and spirit.  

YOU Belong HERE  with Big Nature

Wild and Free

Healthy Choices

Natural Wellness

Full Potential

Fulfilling Life

Meet Jess

Life Lover

  • Jess LeBlanc

    Teacher Extraordinare
  • Yoga Teacher

    Guided by Loving Kindness
  • Connection Catalyst

    Being you

Big Nature is thrilled to be in collaboration with Jess. She is one seriously multi passionate human! With her, we have the opportunity to cultivate more strength, understanding, AND awareness of how we move, breathe and show up in the world.

She embodies both Spiritual and Science based practices of Yoga and aims to integrate meditation, mind-body medicine, visualization, philosophy, functional movement and somatic awareness as modalities for deeper connections and positive energy.

You can expect to flow and move sensually and feel encouraged to truly express, explore and enjoy your own unique experience. Jess holds a safe space that is inclusive and accommodating to all levels.

Meet Jess
The Best of Canadian Rockies

Three Incredible Locations

Fun and Relaxing

  • The Pomeroy

  • Banff

    The Moose Hotel
  • Castle Mountain Chalets

    Cozy and Comfortable Cabins

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