A Photographer's dream

The Canadian Rockies offers stunning photography opportunites with magestic landscapes and glacier blue lakes. Take a day to create with proffesional photographer Lee Nordbye and you'll learn the art of creating that perfect picture.

No matter what your goals are or where you're at in your artistic journey, this day may just exceed your expectations. With stunning locations, a professional photographer, guide and teacher, you will FEEL what you are SEEING.


Winter Photography

  • Snow & Ice

  • Colour and Black & White

  • Technical Discussions

Explore winter wonderland with a professional photographer. Search for and learn how to capture bold stories of glacier fed lakes which turned into magnificent blue ice in the winter. Create moments with wintery light cascading across snow-capped conifers, peaks and ridges. These epic displays of nature show strength and anger, and then counters with soft delicate frost and nature’s artistic sculptures of snow and ice.

Discuss the technical challenges of photographing snow and ice, both from personal and gear perspective. Simply and silently, take in the magnificence of this winter wonderland in the Canadian Rockies. 

  • All types of moments

    So Much Fun!
  • Reflection

    Always nice to learn
  • Style


Summer Photography

  • Hiking

  • Mountain Biking

  • Pathway Biking

Discover one of the most brilliant places on earth where nature is at its best and wildlife roam free. Magestic peaks, stunning ermerald lakes and waterfalls beg you to tell their story.

With your proffesional photographer, you will discuss lighting, balance and the S.T.O.P princible. You will also hear the history of this place as you learn more about the forest, animals and culture while you capture unforgettable skills and memories.

For reflections and alpen glow, are you willing to get up really early or stay up late? No worries if not, because regular day hours are quite spectacular, but please know that we can create this day around your wants and dreams.

  • Easy

    Bring the Family
  • Smores are Delicious

Photo: Lee Nordbye

Seasonal Photography

  • Hiking with the Larches

  • Methane Ice Bubbles

  • Fresh Spring Greenery

Whether it is Summer, Winter, Spring or Automn, we have a stunning day of photography planned for you. As the best saying goes, "There's no such thing as the wrong weather when you have the right gear."

Do you want longer than one day? Check out our week long photography programs.

Gear list

"Your most important gear is your eye, heart and soul"

Marius Vieth     

  • Backpack

  • Camera - Our photography Day Program is designed for you, so you can bring whatever type of camera that suits your desires. With smartphone technology as it is, many of our guest use a smartphone and our proffesional photographers and guides can still help with lighting, balance and creating an amazing shot.

  • Lenses, Tripod and Filters if you have

  • Batteries and memory card

Full Gear List HERE

It is important to be prepared to hike in the mountains. This is for your safety, but as well for the productivity and happiness of your group. We expect you to carry in your pack or on your body your camera gear and..

2 Litres of Water

Lunch / Additional Snacks - Provided by Guides, carried by YOU *

Sunglasses / Sun Hat

Sunscreen / Bug spray

Full Rain Gear - Gore-tex or equivalent Pants and Jacket

Hiking Pants and Long Shirt - You may start in shorts, but then carry pants

Fleece or equivalent mid layer

Sturdy Footwear - Proper comfortable Hiking Shoes or Boots

Mitts / Toque / Buff - for early mornings and late nights

Personal Medication and Money

Trekking Poles - Not Mandatory, but read why you may want Trekking Poles - we can also provide them.

Head torch - For late night or early morning adventures.


Down Jacket or insulation layers equivilant, extra gloves and toque

Hand and foot warmers (may be provided by your guide)

Waterproof footwear. (discuss with us on what is appropriate for your trip)

OTHER - Items we recommend for your to bring on the trip, but no need to bring on the trail.

Laptop - light room and/or photoshop



Casual comfortable clothes for Dinners. We call it "Mountain Casual" Anything goes!

 * If this is an active trip - We need you to hike and carry your own gear. We can tailor this to you, so please be truthful on your abilities and your dreams.


Lee Nordbye

Lee Nordbye has been exploring Alberta since he was young with his first Kodak Instamatic. As an adult, his love affair with the Canadian Rockies continued as he became an artist, explorer, storyteller and coach. Admittedly, he got a little lost along the way, becoming an accountant first, before catching his dream as a full-time professional photographer. We, at Big Nature, are so glad he realized his potential!


The Canadian Rockies are Lee’s favourite place in the world to adventure in. Along with hiking, he enjoys to just sit, listen and observe their majesty. He has made visual storytelling of these peaks his life's work and has been featured in numerous magazines like Crowfoot Media, The Current and Calgary Guardian.

Lee finds it incredibly exciting to create art. He says, “First and foremost, we need to get outside and focus on the moment. Literally. Then, all the B.S. that goes on in our world fades away.”

Read more about Lee in this ARTICLE - Chasing Wild Ice

Meet Lee

It's Your Holiday

Let us create the day around you. With a variety of ideal locations, we can take photos in place or snowshoe/hike deep into the mountains.

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Canadian Rockies

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Inspiration for your Trip

Mt Assiniboine

Mt Assiniboine Park

Experience wonder

World Heritage Site

Takakkaw Falls

Yoho National Park

Lake Louise

Banff National Park

Wild Flowers

Calypso Orchid

Winter Comforts

Hot chocolate and stary nights

Peyto Lake

Icefields Parkway

Endless Trails

Canadian Rocky Mountains

Moraine Lake

Valley of the ten peaks

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